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Saturday, November 21, 2009 | By: Zachary Bartels

An Apostle's Bath Interrupted (and other tales)

This Week's Sermon(s)
2009, weeks 45 & 46

I've begun a new sermon series on the first epistle of St. John. It's funny to me how we draw such a sharp distinction between those parts of the New Testament that are narrative (the Gospels, Acts) and the straight-forward teaching of the epistles, when in fact most of the New Testament epistles are so completely wrapped up in the circumstances that prompted the letters and the churches to whom they are written, that preaching through the epistles is often just as story-based as preaching through the Gospels.

Here are the first two sermons in the series:

Gno Gnonsense. St. John, apostle and bishop of the province of Asia, has a problem. In a word: heretics. They've come into his churches and begun teaching "twisted things." Soon, they've twisted up a bunch of John's parishioners and—all twisted together—they took off to start their own church. John now sets about restoring the True Believers' confidence in the Gospel and addressing the errors of those who left.

Walking In the Light. John's argument proper begins with the proclamation that God is Light and the corollary that, if we have fellowship with Him and with one another, we will walk in the Light as well. What does that mean for Christians who struggle day after day with being drawn to the darkness?

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