Classic Posts!

It has occurred to me that most of the people who regularly read this space have not been with me from the beginning. It also occurred to me that when I pick up a new blog, I almost never go back and read what I had missed in the months or years before I got on board.

With that in mind, then, I humbly (?) present the best of my posts thus far (as of 2/26/2011)—my classics. Classic status is determined by number of hits, trackbacks, links, and comments, as well as my arbitrary affection for a given post. (Sadly, most of my favorite illustrations have been wasted on one-paragraph sermon synopses, so you may also want to check out the graphics album as well.)

And now, without further jibber-jabber, I offer the classic posts:

  • An Annotated Guide to Christian Buzzwords (6/25/09) - Perhaps my most popular post. This list of Christian clichés and accompanying commentary took me some time to compile (hence its excessive length). Feel free to add your own (least) favorite buzzwords to the mix.
  • centuri0n Drama (4/11/10) - My interview with big-time blogger Frank Turk, of which one little inconsequential comment sparked all sorts of high-pitched debate and crossed over into three other blogs (including TeamPyro). Oy vey. Great interview, though, if I do say so myself.
  • Dispen-Sensational! (10/28/08) - My favorite post. A play-by-play of my experience at the Jack Van Impe 60th anniversary rapturepalooza!
  • Jerry Falwell and Jim Wallis (1/26/09) - Featuring one of my favorite Dispatches illustrations (Chalres G. Finney as a circus clown/ring master), this is my ultra-condensed primer on what has happened to the American church and why we're in such a theological wasteland today.
  • Ted Wins (2/26/09) - My two-part interview with author Ted Kluck (click here for part 2), covering everything from pro wrestling to the Institutional Church.
  • Who Sets the Menu? (4/15/09) - A rant on seeker-seeking and itchy-ear-scratching. How did we get to the point where the Church measures its success by whether it's meeting the world's expectations? That's like basing the State of the Union on what grades we got on the Taliban report card.
  • The (Not So) Great Apostasy (3/17/09) - An epiphany that I put to paper when I realized that all of my formerly Christian friends who had ditched the faith had one thing in common.
  • Don't Stop Believing (10/14/08) - My two-part interview with author and professor Dr. Michael Wittmer (click here for part 2), in which he talks about his latest book and helps us understand why living like Jesus is not enough.
  • Me Painting a Bullseye on My Head (12/10/09) - If the Alliance for Confessing Evangelicals held an Inquisition, what would likely get me burned at the stake? The answer: a conviction that I believe to be thoroughly biblical and rather benign. But others strongly disagree. (The real incriminating stuff is in part 2).
  • What's In a Name? (8/13/08) - What the world is the significance of "42 months" and "twelve sixty?" Well, it involves the book of Revelation, but it's even less sexy than you thought.
  • Holified! (10/11/10) - Yeah, I coined a catch phrase and at least two dozen people used it for at least ten days. It has jumped the shark now. You probably shouldn’t break it out...
  • A “Revolution?” Nah. (12/13/10) - The collective attitude of young people is continually cited as evidence that the End Is Near. Always has been, I argue, and always will be.