Monday, October 25, 2010 | By: Zachary Bartels

Where Are HERESY, FALSE, and BUS?

I’m working on a project that includes a spoof of a wordle word cloud.

In light of my most recent post (wherein someone suggests that Pastor Zach is all about pointing out falsehoods and heresy and “throwing people under the bus”), I decided to run my blog content from 2010 through the cogs of wordle and see what came out the other end.

Here's the result:

(Click to enlarge)

First and foremost, any little nagging doubts lurking in my mind, that maybe I’m not preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the love of God from pulpit and keyboard alike faded away.

I did notice some little problems with the distribution, however. For example, I may need to talk about sin and God’s law more. (As it is, I talk about them less than I talk about Frank Turk; but, then again, sin and Turk are related subjects, no?). I'd also like to see “cross” be significantly bigger. Although, just because I don’t use the word “cross” in a given sentence doesn’t mean I’m not talking about Christ’s sacrificial work on the cross.

All in all, I’m pretty please with the result of the wordle analysis. But two things keep me from patting myself on the back:

1. The thought of how disappointed I would likely be by a word cloud of what I’ve said in 2010.

2. Although I wish I could say I didn’t also wordle my accuser’s blog (and find a little sinful pleasure in the result), I can’t.

Here’s praying that 2011’s words will be all the more honoring to Our Lord Jesus.

Soli Deo Gloria,
Pastor Zach

3 reader comments:

Erin said...

Fun and enlightening. You need to tell me later what your counter-Wordle uncovered. :)

Frank Turk said...

I like it that it's shaped like a boot print.

servantboy said...

I enjoyed reading your last couple posts. Bravo for the humble summary and also for not posting your accusers wordle result.