Tuesday, June 30, 2009 | By: Zachary Bartels

Data Piracy Fail

Last September, I indulged in a prolonged rant about a certain website, run by a professed Christian, which illegally made available hundreds of volumes of copyrighted Christian literature (from devotionals to theology texts to commentaries). I occasionally check back to www.biblecentre.net just to see if the shameful thing is still afloat. And guess what I saw last week? Behold:

That's right; www.biblecentre.net is no more. (The domain is for sale.) I don't know if the guy just ran out of money, got tired of running, or was snatched by the fuzz. But I do know this: even if you've begun to buy into your own justifications, your sins will eventually catch up with you.

And if they don't, Interpol will.


4 reader comments:

Jonathan said...


I'm a bit confused. Are you implying that we have to obey the law, even the ones we don't like? And are you further implying that our actions might just have consequences? Where do you come up with this stuff?

ZSB said...

Ahhh, now I've had my morning coffee AND my morning cup of sarcasm! :D

E. said...

As someone who works for a company that had a lot (a LOT) of pirated works on this site (and even tried to do my part to track this guy down back when I worked in our rights department) I say good riddance and "HA-ha" a'la Nelson from the Simpsons.

Adam D Jones said...

I'm glad this crooked operation has been shut down.