Tuesday, May 12, 2009 | By: Zachary Bartels

A Stop on the Blog Tour

Today is the day of the Don't Stop Believing Blog Tour. The idea is that 20+ bloggers will all be highlighting Dr. Michael Wittmer's excellent book (and blog), Don't Stop Believing.

Click here for a list of the other blogs involved in the tour.

Since Dr. Wittmer is regularly mentioned in this space, and since I recently published an interview with him here as well, let me keep it brief and just say that I have been teaching through Don't Stop Believing for about two months now at my Wednesday evening study. My congregation has greatly enjoyed the book and many have indicated that they now have a much greater understanding of 1. what postmodernism is and what challenges it poses to the church, 2. the importance of essential Christian doctrine and why we cannot lose it by way of compromising with the culture, and 3. how a third "both/and" way is more often than not the most biblical view of controversial issues.

The questions and case studies in the back are helpful, but I find that most of our time is just spent in discussion of the week's chapter and interacting with it. It was also great to have Dr. Wittmer travel an hour east to come and speak to our class and preach from my pulpit again. I'm fairly sure he'd have been willing to do this even if I hadn't spent the last decade brown-nosing.

For more, let me point you to my recent interview with Dr. Wittmer:
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Soli Deo Gloria,
Pastor Zach

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Andrew said...

That's awesome to hear that your congregation has benefited so much from DSB! There are a lot of churches that wouldn't touch words like "post-modern" and "theology" with 10 foot pole - it's awesome to hear of a church that does.
Thanks for this post!